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Ericka is a Creature Technical Director based in London with experience in rigging, shot sculpt and CFX (character FX - fat, cloth, feather and hair simulations) in software packages such as Maya and Houdini for feature film and episodic visual effects (VFX) and welcomes transferring across different computer graphics industries.

Having successfully completed her Creature apprenticeship, she is determined to expand her knowledge and skillset further to support her team to deliver challenging yet captivating characters and worlds to life.

Curious to know about the evolving realm of computer graphics as well as personal development, she seeks new ideas and opportunities around her. Her inspiration stems from listening and engaging conversations with people she collaborates with and attending industry-led webinars and talks.

Her perseverance by embracing setbacks equip her to learn and start again from experience. This allows her to respect the process and the collective effort that is necessary to complete the craft. Inspired to share her journey by uplifting others to be the best version of themselves.

Tropical Leaves




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