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Hello! I'm Ericka and I'm a London-based

Creature TD with experience in layout, rigging, CFX and shot sculpt

for film visual effects.


Ever since I was young, I have been interested in watching behind-the-scenes footage of how my favourite game, feature film and animation have been made. One particular film that made me geek out was from The Incredibles (2004) where the Parrs had a tough landing and were floating in the ocean with wet hair. It captured this element of realism in an animated film that brought the storytelling forward while also honouring the technological advancements at that time.

As much as I want to consume captivating content, I wanted to create my own stories and worlds through my art. I also geek out about hardware and technological advancements that I would be curious to learn more about. I realised that I can combine both my artistic and technical passions through the world of computer graphics and I decided to learn software like Photoshop and After Effects to create visuals and graphical work. I decided to study a broad mixture of subjects through the Creative Digital Media degree that I successfully completed at the University of Greenwich where I fell in love with 3D Animation and the visual effects pipeline.

I persistently wanted to learn and improve on my craft after the completion of my university degree where I was able to participate in the NextGen Futures Bootcamp. After gaining more insights into the VFX industry and gaining contacts from different studios and employers, I was hired as a Creature Apprentice in DNEG where I was able to evolve as a technical artist and got to work on films such as Men In Black: International, Hobbs and Shaw, Tenet and Wonder Woman 1984. During my time in the company, I have been involved in outreach the 'Your Future In STEM' panel with ACCESS:VFX for the New Scientist Live Conference 2019. 

I am an impact-driven person hoping to inspire the next generation of talent seeking to build connections and bridge the gap to get more women and people of colour into an industry that is predominantly white-male demographic. I am hopeful and would like to take the necessary steps and challenges to ensure that everyone can make their mark and reach their full potential.


I look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks for submitting!

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